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Want to bike to work, or just love cycling, but don’t want to rely on the streetlights? The rechargeable bike lights will help you to guide in the darkness. Relying on the street lights is outdated. Install the best rechargeable bike lights and steer with ease through the dark roads without any fear.

If you are looking for the best rechargeable mountain bike lights, then You’re in just the perfect place.

We will guide you to your ideal bike light companion!

If you’re a biker, I’m sure you have faced the problem of riding home during the dark. It’s pretty hard to see what’s in front of you. I’ve had some close calls; sometimes, you just don’t see a divider, or a person walking in front of you.

And all that could easily be avoided if you had a reliable bike headlight.

Top 5 best Rechargeable bike lights 2020

So, cut to the chase, which is the best bike light t for you?– I’m sure the more seasoned bikers have had this problem, sometimes you buy a light which isn’t powerful enough, and if it is, then it runs out of juice pretty quick.

Thus, you need a bike light that will not only illuminate your surroundings but also last you a long time before needing a charge, and a tail light that shines brightly to keep you safe!


Let us show you our top picks, so you don’t make the mistakes I did when I bought my first bike light!


Blackburn Luminate 360 Light Set


This set includes the very popular and in-demand Blackburn Dayblazer 400 Headlight and Dayblazer 65 Taillight. This is a micro USB rechargeable light set, that will help you during your day and night commune with your biking companion. The Dayblazer 400 headlight, featuring four modes has the capacity to run for 10 to 1 hour at 200 to 400 lumens, respectively. The same goes for the Dayblazer 65 taillight; it can run up to six hours at a 35-lumen setting or 1.6 hours at 50-lumen solid mode. It comes in handy, especially when crossing an intersection during rush hours, or just taking a peaceful ride in the park after dusk.

  • Includes Front and Rear lights
  • Fast charging
  • Rechargeable by micro USB
  • Works in all light settings
  • Includes orange sidelights
  • Bit expensive
  • Battery life isn’t exceptional.


Gyhuego USB Rechargeable Bike Light set


This is a very budget light set. Gyhuego has endorsed this bike light set to be one of the most useful at an affordable price range. With an astounding 10-hour battery life at 100% brightness, this front light’s battery life is unparalleled. Even when the run time crosses the 10-hour mark, the light shifts to a low-power mode and keeps shining for about 4 hours. The included taillight is not very impressive, but standing at $21.99, it’s hard to be upset about that.

  • Insanely long battery life
  • Taillight and front light included
  • Exceptional performance from the Headlight
  • Very affordable
  • Taillight lags behind in terms of visibility.
  • Mounts aren’t very refined.



Ascher USB Rechargeable Bike Light set


Pretty sturdy and small lights from Ascher, these lights might not be as sturdy and robust as the other products on this list, but only for $15.99, these might be just perfect for you if you’re not looking to bike on a regular basis. Featuring two steady and two flash modes, you can confidently get 2.5 to 10 hours of run-time on a single charge. Built with extreme precision and covered by rubber, you don’t have to fret if you get caught in the rain. These lights charge pretty fast and last very long, at this price point, you just can’t complain!

  • Micro USB fast charging
  • Two flash and two steady modes
  • 12-hour battery life on fast strobe mode
  • Silicone straps for a comfortable and effortless and sturdy mount
  • Not very bright
  • Not the most aesthetically pleasing


Niterider Lumina OLED 1200 Boost Headlight


Whether it be commuting, Mountain biking or gravel riding, this product from lumina is suitable for them all. With a behemoth 1200 lumen brightness, this light is sure to illuminate the trail around you for 20 yards. Featuring an OLED screen, you cannot miss the battery percentage. It has 5 different brightness modes and four daylight modes ranging from 275 to 1200 lumens. The Niterider Lumina shifts to the lowest mode possible when the battery is low to preserve juice and not let you down. With a big battery and convincing light, you just can’t afford not to give it a try!

  • Very bright light
  • Five nighttime and Four daytime modes
  • Up to 2 hours of battery
  • Sturdy design
  • Bulky design
  • Very expensive
  • Battery life isn’t great.
  • No taillight included


Light & Motion FC 1000 Trail Bike light


This compact and easy to mount headlight can be mounted to a handlebar or a helmet with the included mount. Ready to perform in 2.5 hours via USB charging, this light will emit 1000 lumens for 1.5 hours efficiently. The Trail 1000FC’s long shape is very comfortable, holding as a flashlight in an emergency. This powerful light might be a perfect addition for the city roads or parks!

  • Fast charge in 2.5 hours
  • Emits 1000 lumens on High Mode
  • Can be installed on a GoPro mount
  • Compact and easy to use
  • Not powerful enough for nighttime trail rides
  • Slightly higher on the price



Best Rechargeable Bike Lights for Mountain Bikes | What Do we Think?

The light you need depends on what you need it for.

Suppose you just want a cautionary daytime running light. In that case, you should go with the low-priced Ascher USB Rechargeable Bike Light set, if you want to take on a mountainous trail in the dark, you should consider the powerful Niterider Lumina OLED 1200 Boost Headlight. Or maybe you just want to take on biking as a healthy commute to work, in that case, you should go for the all-round performer, The Blackburn Luminate 360 Set.

Whatever you choose, be sure to buy a set that will cater to all your needs. Be safe, use a headlight!

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