Different Types Of Wire Strippers

Choosing a wire stripper according to the purpose can help you achieve your objective. There are many kinds of wire strippers available in the market, each catering to different needs. However, is it difficult to know which is best for which purpose? Here in this post, we have outlined the different wire strippers available and their uses. So, you can choose them according to your goal. But first, let’s know what wire strippers are.

What is Wire Strippers

Wire strippers are instruments used for removing the insulating cover of electric wires. They are available in two kinds. One is manual and the other one is automatic. The manual wire strippers look like scissors. They have a notch in between the blades and are made for holding the wire. By twisting and rotating the stripper you can easily strip out the insulated cover. Be sure that you don’t damage the actual wire.

In manual wire strippers, the notch size varies. Different notch sizes help in stripping wire at various AWG’s. in the automatic strippers one side for twisting the wire while the other provides grip to the user. These automatic wire strippers reduce the effort required for removing the insulation. But these automatic wire strippers are not ideal for all applications. They can even destroy the thin wires inside.

Types of Wire Strippers:

Let’s have a look at different wire strippers in both the broad category of the wire strippers.

Wire Cutters:

These wire cutters are ideal for cutting copper wires, brass wires, aluminum, iron, and steel wires. Some of the variants of these cutters have insulated handles. These handles protect you from getting shocked while working with the wires. Many electricians call these cutters flush cutters. These wire cutters can be divided further as automatic wire cutter stripper, tapered head cutter, diagonal flush cutter, etc.

Adjustable Wire Strippers

These wire strippers have a very simple design and consist of a notch within each blade. The stop screw of the stripper allows the user to adjust the thickness of the wire which has to be stripped. Some of the variants of these strippers also allow it to reopen after every cut. Allows preferring the one which allows you to reopen the stripper after every cut.

Self-adjusting Strippers

These strippers automatically adjust to the thickness of the wire. They are much faster at work as you don’t have to constantly adjust the stripper to the thickness level of wire. A self-adjusting stripper with an in-built cutter or crimper works more efficiently.

Laser Wire Strippers

The laser wire strippers are machines controlled by computers. They make use of a laser to burn off the wire insulation. This kind of wire stripper is generally used for very fine gauge wires. They also do not damage the conductor. These strippers can be used for stripping any wire size.

Gauged Strippers

These are easy to use wire strippers. The holes of the stripper are designed to hold wires of different gauges. This makes the task of stripping easier and fast. Some of the gauge strippers can work as crimpers and cutters. This makes them ideal to be used for other wire cutting jobs. But on a single wire stripper, you get a limited number of gauges.

Wire Crimpers

The wire crimpers are used when we need to affix a cable with a connector. Crimpers have to tow joint pieces of metal and ductile materials. These crimpers can be categorized as hand crimp tools and ratchet crimping tools. Ratchet crimping tool requires some pressure to be exerted for releasing the wire. Before choosing any wire crimper you must check the wires with which they are compatible.


Pliers work like a stripper. The only difference is that pliers have scissors instead of a blade. They consist of a jaw that is used for squeezing out the insulation of the wire. There are many varieties of pliers available for different purposes. Some of them are long nose plier, cutting plier, needle nose plier, electronic pliers, bent nose plier, flat nose plier, etc.

Wrapping Up

The only thing you need to take care of is many wires pose difficulty during stripping. Thus, before choosing the wire stripper you must always know about the type of wire you will be dealing with. If you are engaged in stripping work regularly then you must choose a strong, durable, and high-quality wire stripper. Otherwise, you have to buy the stripper again and again.

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