Best Laptop Keyboard For Writers 2020

Best laptop keyboard for writers


Are you tired of getting those sore wrists due to constant typing?

You can easily avoid this by using an ergonomic keyboard. But I already knew that you say– well, there are different types of ergonomic keyboards; you can get an ergonomic keyboard that pairs well with a classic gaming rig, but might not work with your laptop and vice-versa, which one should you buy then?

Don’t stress on it; that’s precisely why we have created a curated list of the best ergonomic keyboards for writers.


Keyboards come in all kinds of designs. From membranes to actual mechanical keyboards, from not-lit to Flashy RGB back-lit, and many more.

And if your job, like mine, is based all around researching and writing about stuff, then I’m sure you know the wrist and forearm pain that comes with it.

And all of that can be solved if you buy a keyboard that is compact and easy to carry anywhere while being comfortable if you are an on the go user like me. Or a low-latency great performing wired static keyboard if you like to sit in your creative space while you write.


And if you are frequently on the move, having a bulky keyboard is a no-go; on the other hand, if you always write while sitting in your creative space, too small of a keyboard will not work either.

So you need to find the perfect keyboard from thousands of options.

And at times, it can get tough to find a product that suits you best, but that’s why we are here.


Continually having this kind of stress on your wrists and forearms from typing can affect you in the long run, so we strongly suggest that you buy an ergonomic keyboard as soon as possible.

Though most keyboards here are endorsed as gaming keyboards, they are perfect for power users and fast typers as they provide low or even zero-latency performance.




We will also give you a detailed buying guide to help you pick the best keyboard for writing in under 10 minutes.

All you have to do is keep reading.


Switching from a conventional keyboard to an ergonomic one will take some time, as your muscles have to unlearn the memory they have developed over the years and learn an entirely new thing.

But in the end, your hands will thank you down the line.

If you don’t want to waste money on a gimmicky and useless piece of tech and actually buy an excellent writing keyboard, we recommend you look for the following things in an ergonomic, customizable keyboard:


  1. Hand positioning:

Typing on a conventional keyboard makes your hands move unnaturally.

You have to twist your arm from your shoulder so that your hand lays parallel to the keyboard.

And if you work on a notebook PC or an Ultrabook (laptops ≤ 14”), then it is likely that you are turning your arms to fit and use the narrow keyboard.

Specifically designed ergonomic keyboards easily solve this problem.

Such keyboards have a comfortable cushioning, and some even feature a split design that allows you to keep two halves of the keyboard as far away as you see fit.

It will also enable you to customize the keyboard’s angles a bit more to keep your wrist and hands comfortable and in a more natural way.

This reduces some of that inward twist to allow your shoulders and arms to relax.


  1. Tenting:

Tenting refers to the little liftable notch that comes towards the back ends of your keyboard.

These tenting flips or notches allow you to raise the keyboard at an obtuse angle to keep your wrists in a more comfortable and natural position while you type.


  1. Body type:

There are two types of ergonomic keyboards: Unibody and split body.

Usually, a unibody keyboard will have a bit of curved and more comfortable design that allows users to use it anywhere. And this kind of keyboard will come especially in handy if you are writing on the go.

But suppose you have a slightly more static setting. In that case, we recommend that you go with the split-body type keyboard as it allows maximum customizability and will provide better comfort in a fixed sitting/standing desk arrangement.


  1. The learning time:

If your whole career is based around typing, and you have a rigorous schedule, you might want to go with keyboards that come with a similar QWERTY design as it will take less time to unlearn the conventional keyboard muscle memory and learn the new ergonomic one.

But if you are willing to try something that’s out there, you can go for some pretty unconventional keyboards that provide better comfort than the former type.


  1. Customizable keys:

Customizable keys are not only suitable for gamers but also for writers. Suppose you are a transliteration professional, or just use multiple tabs on your browser to read and constantly write. In that case, a couple of programmable keys on your customizable keyboard will add a cherry on the cake.

The more customizable keys your keyboard has, the better will be your productivity.


Now that you know what you need to look for when buying a good ergonomic keyboard for writing let’s dive into our carefully curated list of the best laptop keyboards for writing in 2020.




Product 1:Roccat Vulcan 100 Aimo RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Check on Amazon.


The Roccat Vulcan 100 Aimo is endorsed towards gamers, but it is an excellent keyboard for writers.

It features a comfortable concave key design that provides a feather touch feeling when you press the key. Being a mechanical keyboard, it allows you to feel the premium button pressing experience that original typewriters used to get while typing.

It provides a tenting design and a customizable knob for ease of use and optimization.


  • RGB backlighting
  • Concave keycaps for optimum satisfaction
  • Spring-loaded mechanical keys for satisfying sound and feel
  • Durable design
  • Customizable and removable keycaps
  • Conventional QWERTY layout design
  • Stylish look and ergonomic build to reduce stress



  • Can be used in complete darkness
  • Customizable RGB backlighting
  • Customizable knob



  • Not very ergonomic
  • Wired keyboard
  • Perfect for gaming, but an average product for writers.


Product 2: Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard for Business (5KV-00001 ) Check on Amazon


This product is brought to you by Microsoft, the company which was a pioneer in the ergonomic keyboard industry.

The Microsoft Sculpt 5KV-00001 features a master and slave split body design.

The complete keyboard with all the alphabets and essential keys come on a more significant piece. You get an additional numeric pad with the extra mathematical buttons on a smaller part.

Microsoft sculpt has a convex angle design that allows your wrists to rest naturally.


  • Split key design according to the majority of users based on the left and right-hand keystroke preference.
  • Cushioned palm rest is attached to the keyboard.
  • Convex design for the natural resting position of the forearms and wrists.
  • Separate smaller numeric pad for ease of customization
  • Totally wireless and low latency
  • Optimized for all operating systems (Windows, Linux, Ubuntu, and macOS)



  • Perfect for windows users
  • Very comfortable unibody design
  • Splash and dust resistant
  • Can be used for a prolonged period of time.



  • No backlighting
  • Slightly bulky design


Product 3:Logitech K780 Multi-Device Wireless Keyboard for Computer, Phone, and Tablet – Logitech FLOW Cross-Computer Control Compatible Check on Amazon


Logitech is famous for their ergonomic keyboards and mice since the early 2000s.

And this product from them is based around purely on the go writers.

If you are one of such writers, then this is the best ergonomic keyboard for you.

The K780 features compatibility with all operating systems ranging from a laptop to even Android and iOS devices.

It has a portable, compact, and rigid membrane keyboard design that allows users to type anywhere on the go.


  • Supports all operating systems
  • Concave button design for a premium typing experience
  • Compact and easily portable design
  • Equipped with quiet keys, perfect for use in a library.
  • Insanely long battery life: the included battery will last for around 2 million keystrokes!
  • Integrated stand for mobiles and tablets



  • Compact and easy to carry
  • Premium membrane keyboard typing experience
  • Conventional design and additional numeric pad
  • Effortless connection cross-platform.
  • Integrated stand for mobiles and tablets



  • Not the best product for static users
  • No backlighting


Product 4: Azio Retro Compact Keyboard Check on Amazon


Suppose you are into the old retro typewriter design on your keyboard. And want to feel what the original typewriters used to feel like, but don’t want to compromise the ease of usage?

Then this product from Azio is perfect for you.

It features a rustic retro design with round hybrid keys (membrane interface with mechanical keycaps) for optimum satisfaction.

It has a handcrafted genuine leather finish on the borders of the keyboard.


  • Premium retro design
  • Easily pressable buttons
  • Supports function and multimedia dual-function keys
  • Conventional QWERTY layout design
  • Low latency Bluetooth connection compatible
  • Tactile key design for optimum sound and feel satisfaction



  • Perfect for retro typewriter lovers
  • Can be raised on the back to provide optimum comfort
  • Long-lasting battery in the Bluetooth variant



  • Not very ergonomic for desk setting
  • Is not designed for robust usage


Product 5:  Razer Huntsman Elite Gaming Keyboard: Fastest Keyboard Switches Ever – Clicky Optical Switches – Chroma RGB Lighting – Magnetic Plush Wrist Rest – Dedicated Media Keys & Dial – Classic Black Check on Amazon


Razer is known for its gaming ultrabooks and accessories. And this is one such product, but it is perfect for writers too as it gives you static white backlight enabling you to work in low light conditions and a very premium tactile and ergonomic feel.

It features three customizable keys with a customizable knob for a user-friendly interface.


  • Features zero-latency wired interface that is way faster than other legacy mechanical keyboards
  • Philips hue customizable RGB backlighting
  • Includes a removable soft wrist resting pad
  • Completely programmable design: user can completely remap every single key to suit their needs.
  • Dual-interface function and multimedia keys
  • Strobing and static RGB with classic white light support



  • Perfect for power users and fast typers.
  • Tactile mechanical keys for maximum satisfaction
  • Premium faux leather wrist rest
  • Completely programmable keys.
  • Supports Cherry MX Brown, red and blue keycaps



  • Slightly bulky
  • Doesn’t come in a wireless variant
  • Not suitable for on the go usage


Product 6: SteelSeries Apex Gaming Keyboard Check on Amazon


If you want a classic backlit keyboard instead of the fancy gamer-looking keyboards, then this is the keyboard for you.

You can create an unlimited number of programmable profiles and use them simultaneously with the flick of a button.

This keyboard from SteelSeries features a depressed design that allows a natural flexion of your wrists that tremendously reduces stress and helps you work for an extended period of time.


  • Customizable RGB backlighting for a low-light situation
  • Support up to 6 simultaneous key presses
  • Wholly programmable and remappable key interface for maximum customization
  • Comfortable depressed design to allow natural flexing of the wrist
  • Includes extra keys that are entirely customizable for various commands and tasks



  • Premium look and a robust design
  • Six simultaneous keystrokes support making it perfect for fast typers.
  • Zero-latency interface
  • Extra keys
  • Completely customizable



  • Wired: Not suitable for on the go usage
  • Slightly bulky design


Product 7:KINESIS Gaming Freestyle Edge RGB Split Mechanical Keyboard (MX Red) Check on Amazon


Kinesis has specially designed this keyboard for optimum comfort. The ergonomic and versatile split body design makes it exceptionally comfortable if you have big hands.

And if you love the feel of tactile mechanical keyboards, this is a haven for a professional writer like you.

This keyboard comes with a customizable raise function that allows users with big hands to keep their wrists comfortably extended, and the RGB backlight will enable users to work in low-light settings.


  • Versatile split body design
  • Low force tactile mechanical keys for optimum feel and auditory satisfaction
  • Remappable keys
  • Conventional QWERTY layout with a left and right-hand preference
  • Easy to store profiles on the Keyboard’s internal 4MB onboard memory
  • Zero-latency interface that is great for typing and gaming
  • Tentable and lightweight design



  • Easy to set up on any computer
  • Comfortable and cushion attached soft wrist rest.
  • Low-force, full-travel keys for maximum satisfaction
  • Completely customizable
  • Supports Cherry MX Brown, red and blue keycaps



  • No static backlight support
  • Doesn’t support wireless functionality


Product 8: Kinesis Freestyle 2 Ergonomic Keyboard for PC (9″ or 20″ Separation) (9″ Separation) Check on Amazon


If you are looking for a split-body keyboard specifically designed for writers, then there is no better Kinesis Freestyle 2.

Writers are always involved in thinking and typing simultaneously so that they don’t lose any of the ideas their creative brains think of, What would be better than a keyboard that is not only ergonomic but also can handle simultaneous keystrokes.

This keyboard from Kinesis is one of the best split-body keyboards on the market.

It features a 9-inch separation capacity that allows users to use it however they want.


  • Rotatable and tentable design for superb comfort
  • Standard windows QWERTY layout to flatten the learning curve
  • Low-force custom membrane keys for premium and effortless typing experience
  • Compatible with Windows 7-10 and Linux.
  • Compact tenkeyless layout
  • Low profile slope design for maximum comfort.



  • Can be used as an on the go keyboard with a wired interface
  • Very lightweight
  • Tenting design to relieve wrist stress while working for an extended time
  • Elevated design reduces 79% neck discomfort.



  • Cannot be customized or remapped
  • No backlight


Product 9: Perixx Periboard-612 Wireless Ergonomic Split Keyboard with Dual Mode 2.4G and Bluetooth Feature, Compatible with Windows 10 and Mac OS X System, Black, US English Layout Check on Amazon


If you are looking for a wireless unibody keyboard that will be your companion while you sit in front of the screen churning those creative gears, then the Perixx Periboard 612 is one of the best keyboards you will find on the market.

This keyboard features an unconventional curved design that relieves up to 70% wrist stress that comes with long periods of continuous typing.

And the tactile, responsive mechanical keys are unparalleled when it comes to comfort and auditory satisfaction.


  • Ergonomic curved and split-key unibody design
  • Integrated palm support to reduce stress on the fingers to lower the chances of developing RSI and Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Compatible with both macOS and Windows.
  • Four customizable keys integrated into the keyboard
  • Specialized 7 multimedia keys
  • Effortless keystroke interface for comfortable typing, even for extended periods.
  • 4G receiver and Bluetooth compatible



  • Very comfortable design
  • Perfect for static writers and power users
  • Wide palm rest for maximum comfort
  • Tactile mechanical keys for maximum satisfaction



  • Bulky design
  • No backlighting




  1. What problems will I face with a conventional keyboard?


You can develop a number of muscle problems. The most common being RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury), is characterized as pain felt in the muscles and tendons due to repetitive, unnatural position and movements in your wrists and forearms. And carpal tunnel syndrome, which is a compression of the median nerve present at the lower half of your palm, leads to constant cramps and weakness in your palms.


  1. Are Gaming Keyboards good for writing?


Yes, gaming keyboards are designed to be ergonomic as gamers spend an extended time using the keyboard, which is common in writers too. And such keyboards allow customizable keys that can really help a fast typer/writer.



All in all, should you buy an ergonomic keyboard for typing?

If you sit in front of the screen typing for more than 2-3 hours a day, then yes.

If you don’t want to hurt your hands in the long run and want to get the most out of the time and effort you put into writing/typing, an ergonomic keyboard is vital.


But before making any purchase please read our buying guide, carefully consider your options, and try not to linger around the price.

Instead, go for quality.

And you should be able to find the best ergonomic keyboard for writing!


I hope our extensive guide helped you.





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