🥇Best Kitchen Curtains 2022 – Top 5 Picks, Reviews & Buying Guide

Best Kitchen Curtains: Have you got your own home? Then you might be deciding on the furniture and electrical appliances. But have you ever thought about the kitchen curtains? Curtains are the best decorating item you can get for your kitchen. Don’t you agree? The kitchen curtains would not take any space but provide an elegant appearance and beauty to the room while restricting extra outdoor lights.

Best Kitchen Curtains – Buying Guide

Fabric – Fabric is quite important while selecting suitable curtains for your kitchen space. This can be anything from sheer lace or lightweight cotton, brocades or velvet, and there are numerous choices around us. You can pick anything based on the amount of sunlight required for the room and the décor.

Length and width – This is highly important for measuring the kitchen window for getting the curtains with ideal length and width. It won’t be any good thing when you end up with the wrong size of kitchen curtains. Either this will be too long or won’t cover the whole space.

Colour – Colour is another important aspect being noted before getting the kitchen curtains. The colour of the fabric should coordinate with the style of your kitchen. If not, this might affect the whole décor of the room. Besides, you can also select the colour which should contrast the types of furniture.

Maintenance – You should also select your curtain based on the maintenance too. Generally, these curtains need washing once in 3-6 months. However, some require machine washing too often too. So, it’s based on your choice for selecting from low maintenance or high maintenance required fabrics.

Here Are Our Hand-Picked Kitchen Curtains

Now, are you searching for the best kitchen curtains in 2020? If you search for these products, they are available in various sizes, shapes and colours. We had researched and shortlisted the five best kitchen curtains in 2020.

  1. Nicetown Blackout Kitchens Window Curtains

Nicetown blackout kitchens window curtains top in our list with ergonomic design and durability. The curtain would provide an excellent view and gives an exceptional appearance to your Kitchenkitchen. The kitchen curtain is made with imported qualified polyester material.

Key Features

  • The curtain can be used for longer time due for its high quality
  • The fabric could be washed with mild detergent without any trouble.
  • This is the perfect choice for your kitchen, windows and washrooms.


  • Reasonable & affordable price
  • Imported polyester material
  • Durable and available in various colours


  • Not an environmentally friendly product
  • Size options aren’t available

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  1. Mysky home kitchen sheer tier curtains and valance set

Mysky home kitchen curtains are the popular name among the decorative work. The product is known for its attractive colour and design. The curtain is made with advanced technology which allows the customers use this product comfortably. This curtain allows particular light which maintains privacy.

Key Features

  • The product is produced with 100% imported and quality polyester
  • The curtain could be washed in the machine and doesn’t need bleach.
  • This fashionable curtain fits the window and provides elegance.


  • Machine washable
  • Jacquard fabric
  • Long-lasting polyester fabric


  • Slightly transparent
  • The fabric isn’t too thick

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  1. Jinchan Tier curtain Moroccan

Jinchan Tier curtain Moroccan is an excellent choice for those who need their kitchen look great. The product adds value for the room with Moroccan print with visually clean lines. It could work for an extended period due to sturdy fabric construction. And the extra heft allows stability in windy scenarios.

Key Features

  • The curtain is easy for cleaning and requires little maintenance.
  • The tier curtains will give access only for the little amount of light.
  • The design is excellent with rustic linen look with Moroccan print.


  • Affordable pricing
  • Designed with Moroccan printing
  • Sturdy fabric


  • Less warranty period
  • Size options aren’t available

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  1. Nicetown Blacktown window curtains and drapes for kitchen

Nicewon Blacktown window curtains have an excellent colour combination and beautiful design. The curtain fabric is imported polyester which provides long-lasting experience to the users. Without using the bleaching, you can wash the curtain in the machine with soft detergent chemicals.

Key Features

  • The curtain is quite simple to clean with mild detergent and low heat
  • It is delivered to block 85% to 99% light, and protect the utensils
  • The fabric is thermal insulated, soundproof and wrinkle-free


  • Wide compatibility
  • Soundproof
  • Imported fabric quality


  • Partial blackout quality
  • Colour options aren’t available

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  1. Nanan Waterproof Window covering for kitchen

Nanan Waterproof window covering is another best option for your kitchen. With a simple design, the product could improve the appearance of the room. The curtain could fit anywhere, including dressing room, bathroom window apart from the kitchen. The special features are that the curtain is waterproof.

Key Features

  • Made with soft touch and safe waffle texture with sewing features.
  • Available in five different vibrant colours.
  • The curtain allows limited amount of light and maintains privacy.


  • Wrinkle-proof and dustproof
  • Entirely water-resistant
  • Fit easily with the windows


  • Transparent and leaks light
  • Stitching creates wrinkles

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Why does kitchen need curtains?

The spaces in this kitchen would feel cold or dusty without any cover. The best kitchen curtains would help you getting rid of these issues.

Q2. Can I use long curtains in my kitchen?

You can select the floor-length curtains if you are dealing with the large window in your kitchen, or tall doors in older buildings.

Q3. What fabrics are best for your kitchen?

There are various fabrics options for your kitchen as linen, velvet, cotton, silk, brocade, lace, polyester and others. But above all, silk serves the best.

Q4. Do I need to select dark or light colour kitchen curtains?

It depends on your choice but makes sure your kitchen curtains should be one lighter or darker than the wall. Otherwise, both surfaces will look flushed.

Q5. Can curtains prevent the sunlight?

Yes, they can prevent sunlight. However, the thickness and the colour of the curtains determines the level of sunlight that can be blocked.

Concluding Notes

You might feel a significant difference in the appearance of your kitchen once you place the curtain. We hope you found the list of best kitchen curtains helpful to choose the perfect one for your kitchen windows. It’s never late to grab the opportunity to get your favourite kitchen curtain that’s too with reasonable pricing. Happy decorating!

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