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Is it ever too late to try out or learn something new or develop a new skill or hobby? I don’t think so, and a whole lot of the crowd would agree to that as well. Skateboarding is an art, a recreational activity or a hobby, transportation method for some, an action sport, and a job in the entertainment industry. It will also debut in the 2022 Olympics.

With the breakthrough of technological advancements in all spheres of life, we have electronic skateboards now, and these are more popular than ever. There are brands, costly and cheap, competing with each other, offering almost similar specs. But one needs to keep a curious eye to weed out the phonies from the great ones.


Here’s a Buying Guide to aid you with that:

  • Motor Type: You need to know whether your motor is a hub motor or belt-driven system. Initially, belt-driven systems were prevalent, allowing the skateboarder to customize it the way they want. But with time, customers started opting for hub motors, making it the popular one. It requires less maintenance, quieter, possesses less lag, and also allows kick pushing.
  • Wattage: If the skateboard has less wattage, it equals less energy, which implies lower speed, torque, and hill functionality. If you happen to live in a steep hilly area or somewhere with steep inclines, the electric skateboard’s wattage should not be less than 1500W.
  • Speed, Range, and Charge time rates: If a company mentions that speed as 10-17mph, odds are, it would be around 10mph. The same thing goes for the range and charge time, go for the lower time.
  • Deck Style and Material: The decks are usually made up of bamboo and fiberglass/carbon fiber. Bamboo is more flexible, whereas fiberglass makes a stiff board. So it depends on the buyer and his style.
  • Weight of the Board: It is a simple but essential point. Although they vary in a few pounds from one another, one should always consider their purpose behind buying the electronic skateboard before making the purchase. Lighter boards are both easy to carry and skate.
  • Weight Capacity: Checking the amount of weight the skateboard can take is important, so check the skateboard specifications.
  • Warranty, Customer Support, And Spare Part: Last but not the least, never forget to check for warranty, customer support, and spare parts. It’s going to save you from your worst nightmares.

But we all need a quality product at an affordable price. Here’s a list of some of the best electric skateboards under 500:


1.Swagtron Swagskate NG3 Electric Skateboard for Kids and Teens

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This Swagskate by Swagtron is the ultimate skateboard for kids and teens. It has kick-assist sensors to help you ride and dismount it whenever you want to. Those are intelligently placed to detect motion and weight and automatically stops the skate when dismounting. Some of the additional features of this electric skateboard are LED rear indicators, Kick-to-Cruise.




  • Kick-Assist A.I smart Sensors
  • Locks in the current speed up to 9.3mph
  • 72mm polyurethane wheels with polypropylene deck, making it flexible to handle.
  • 9-inch wide deck
  • Net Weight- 3.5kgs (7.7lbs)
  • Dimensions- 19.6 x 8.85 x 5.31 inches.
  • Maximum Load Capacity- 150lbs (68kgs)
  • Motor- 100W
  • Battery-16.8V 2Ah
  • Charging Time- 1.5 hours
  • Maximum speed- 9.3 MPH


  • No remote needed
  • Portable
  • Lightweight
  • Sturdy
  • Durable
  • Value for money



  • Not very thick
  • Can be a pickle to slow down


2.RazorX Cruiser Electric Skateboard

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The RazorX Cruiser Skateboard is a comfortable ride for kids and teens. It is a sturdy skateboard that is budget-friendly as well. This skateboard comes with a wireless remote to control its movements, thus making it easy for beginners. The decks are crafted from high-quality 5-ply maple wood. The only downside of this skateboard is that it is too loud.



  • It has a 125W motor with a speed of 10MPH.
  • Weight- 10.47lbs
  • Deck length- 29.7 inches
  • 5-Ply Maple wood deck
  • remote with wrist straps.
  • High-Grip urethane wheels with custom reverse kingpin trucks.
  • Supports weight of 220lbs.
  • Battery- 22V, lithium-ion


  • Thick
  • Sturdy
  • Easy to ride
  • Budget-friendly



  • Loud
  • Battery life is not that good.


3.AZBO Electric Skateboard Longboard with Remote Control

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This AZBO electric skateboard longboard is a vibrant skateboard and comes with remote control. It is available in colors blue, green, red, and yellow. The Rechargeable wireless remote controller is for ease of motion, speed switching, and brakes. AZBO electric skateboard comes with a one-year warranty.




  • Smooth acceleration and deceleration.
  • Has a battery indicator.
  • Build with 7-Ply Northeastern Maple.
  • Supports a maximum weight of 243lbs.
  • Motor power- 400W
  • Maximum speed- 11MPH
  • Grade hill climbing- 15 degree
  • Motor type- Single-hub
  • Voltage and battery- 24V 2.2AH
  • It has shock absorbing PU wheels.



  • Shock absorbing PU wheels
  • Battery indicator
  • Good for beginners
  • Smooth Ride



  • The battery gets very hot.
  • Replacement parts are not available.


4.RaiserX DLX Electric Skateboard

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RaisorX DLX electric skateboard is a sleek skateboard that is ideal for ages 9 years and above. It offers 40 minutes of continuous usage and comes with a remote controller with replaceable wrist straps. This skateboard is a kick-to-start skateboard with hub motors. Even though it requires 5hours to charge, it serves an excellent value for money.


  • Weight- 5.6kgs
  • Maximum load capacity- 220lbs
  • Deck length- 25inches
  • Colour- Black
  • Motor power and type- 150W, Hub Motor
  • Kick-to-Start
  • Length of the skateboard- 34.25 inches
  • Maximum speed- 12 MPH (19 KM/H)
  • It comes with a wireless 24GHz remote controller with replaceable wrist straps.
  • Can be used for 40 minutes.




  • Lightweight
  • Easy to learn
  • The remote control is very effective.
  • Value for money
  • Safe to use



  • Loud
  • Battery drains quickly
  • The charging time is 5 hours, which is quite a lot.



5.Elifine 27.5″ Electric Skateboard with Remote Control

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The next skateboard of this article is a water-proof skateboard, the Elifine Electric Skateboard, crafted from 7-ply maple wood with CNC trimming and grinding process. This Elifine Electric Skateboard has two modes and speeds for beginners and advanced learners. The motor used is a brushless hub motor.




  • Motor power- 250W
  • Water-proof Electric Skateboard
  • Maximum load capacity- 140lbs
  • Crafted from 7-Ply Maple Wood
  • Two speed modes
  • Maximum speed limit- 20KMPH
  • Brushless Hub-Motor
  • It has a LED display on the board that shows the speed.
  • 10% incline rate
  • Battery types- 29.4V Lithium-ion



  • Splash-resistant
  • Two ride modes
  • Regenerative braking
  • Smooth ride



  • The load capacity is too less.



1.Where can I buy a skateboard?

Ans- This article truly takes care of this question of yours. Go through this article for the ultimate guide you are looking for.

  1. Are slick decks costlier than wooden decks?

Ans- Usually, that is the case.

  1. Should the wheel sizes be big or small?

Ans- They should be of medium size, around 40mm.

  1. How to increase the longevity of my skateboard?

Ans- Try to avoid puddles and sand while skating, and replace the bushings after every 6 months.

  1. Are remote control skateboards better than standard skateboards?

Ans- It is nothing like that, and depends on your preference.



If you’re thinking of taking this up and giving it a shot, go for it. It’s totally worth it and a win-win situation as well. Pocket-friendly Best Electric Skateboards under $500 in the market, described just for you enthusiasts!


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