5 Best Countertop Ice Makers Reviewed For 2022

Best Countertop Ice Makers: Ice is the basic thing that takes any drink to the next level. But the only trouble we face is to have ice on the right time and right occasion. So are you finding the easiest way to have ice for beating the heat of summers and making your drinks perfect? Then the ice maker is what you should buy.

There are generally two variants of residential ice makers available in the market. One is known as the countertop ice makers and the other one is the under-counter ice makers. Both are suitable according to the situations they fit in. thus for your guidance, we will provide you details about these two types of ice makers in the post. We will also provide you with the reasons for buying ice maker .then we will look at the things you need to consider before buying an ice maker. Finally, we will provide you with the list of some of the best residential ice makers available in the market.

The Types of Residential Ice Makers

1. Countertop ice makers

These compact ice makers can fit into any counter size without trouble. The only drawback is they cannot hold the freezing temperature. As a result after some time, your ice will eventually melt in it. Thus if you have a habit of consuming ice once it is frizzed then you should choose a countertop ice maker.

2. Under-counter ice makers

These residential ice makers have relatively more capacity than countertop ice makers. They are also able to hold the freezing temperatures. So you can use them for freezing ice for longer durations. Such residential ice makers are fixed under the bar or kitchen counter. They are of high weight which increases the strength and problems of moving it from place to place.

Why Buy a Residential Ice Maker?

You must be thinking about why you should choose ice makers above a simple ice cube tray of a refrigerator. The main reason behind the choice is that simple ice cube limits the amount of ice you can freeze. Also, they take longer durations for freezing ice.

With residential ice makers, you can enjoy having ice whenever you require it without even spending much kitchen space. These ice makers are best suited for those who regularly use large amounts of ice. These ice makers have the capability of freezing 300 pounds of ice per day. You can always have clean, fresh ice on hand constantly.

This kitchen appliance can be your savior if you love hosting parties and meetings regularly. You won’t have to wait long for having ice. Thus you can save your time and enjoy the fun of the party.

Residential Ice Maker Buying Guide

When choosing a residential ice maker you should consider the design, shape, price and many other factors. Before buying a residential ice maker you take care of the capacity of the type. This would affect the space requirements of storing the ice maker in your house.

1. Type of ice maker

You can choose the countertop ice maker or under-counter ice maker discussed above.
Countertop ice makers are ideal for light use and are portable. They can hold less ice and require a smaller kitchen space. The water tank of these ice makers should be filled manually and the ice should be used once it freezes.

Under-counter ice makers are automatic. They are relatively costlier and have a large ice-making capacity. These ice makers ensure a constant supply of ice with a storage capacity of 30-500 pounds ice at a time. They require a dedicated supply of water and are not easier to move. You may need a plumber for its deployment.
Size of the ice maker

The countertop ice makers are similar to the size of toaster or ovens. Whereas the under-counter ice makers are of a height of that of mini-refrigerators. They are often big and have big baskets. Standard portable ice makers are capable of freezing 9-12 ice cubes in 7 minutes. This makes them twice faster than under-counter ice makers. For choosing the ice maker first decide the space size which you have kept for the ice maker. According to space choose the best residential ice maker for you.

2. The Shape of the Ice

There are many ice shapes in which these ice makers can freeze it. Some of the shapes are dice ice, crescent ice, nugget ice, bulled shaped ice, and gourmet ice. Dice ice is suitable for mixed drinks and soft drinks. They have less surface area so they melt slowly. Crescent ice is more suitable for blended drinks. They melt more quickly and will quickly cool the drink. Nugget ice is a great choice for cocktail drinks. These are made for the ones who love chewing ice.

The bullet-shaped ice or the pearl ice are suited in ice tea or blended beverages. They are cloudy in appearance and melt more quickly than others. The gourmet ice is of crystal shape and is generally served in liquors and upscale drinks. This is the slowest melting ice. So according to your need you can choose the ice shape and the ice maker.

Editor’s Choice Editor’s Choice
Frigidaire EFIC102 residential ice maker
Frigidaire EFIC102 residential ice maker Check On Amazon

Vremi VRM010636N residential ice maker
Vremi VRM010636N residential ice maker Check On Amazon
IKICH Residential Ice Maker IKICH Residential Ice Maker Check On Amazon

Scotsman under-counter icemaker
Scotsman Under-Counter Icemaker Check On Amazon

OPAL countertop residential ice maker
OPAL Countertop Residential Ice Maker Check On Amazon

List of Best Residential Ice Makers

1. Frigidaire EFIC102 residential ice maker

Frigidaire EFIC102 residential ice maker

   See Price on Amazon

This is one of the best choices of residential ice makers of the year. This is because it’s packed with all the high-quality features at an affordable cost. This is one of the fastest ice makers which can produce 9 batches of bullet-shaped ice in about 6 minutes. You can have around 1.1 lbs of ice every hour. You can select the ice size to be medium or small. It is 15 by 11 inches in size and 19 pounds in weight. Although it is made up of plastic but can perfectly fit with any stainless steel kitchen appliance.

You can choose from three color options, red, copper, or silver. It is a countertop ice maker which is quite easy to use. It has a backlit LED control panel that has many options and an indicator. The indicator works when water is empty or the ice bin is full. The underside drain plug allows easy cleaning of the model. The transparent window enables you to look at how much ice is left without even opening the maker. Thus it is an affordable countertop choice ice maker.

  • Easy to use
  • Hassle-free filling and draining of water
  • Compact design and lightweight
  • Affordable price for the product
  • Quiet cooling operation
  • Cleaning required regularly
  • Available in three colors only

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2. Vremi VRM010636N residential ice maker

Vremi VRM010636N residential ice maker

   Check Price on Amazon

This residential ice maker is one of the best portable ice makers. It has 1.5 pounds ice storage bin and 2.2 liters water tank. You can easily retrieve ice without any hassle with its BPA-free plastic ice scoop. It has an automatic-off button and underside drain plug which quickly drains the unused water. The front placed control panel enables you to easily check the ice-making process. Its three indicator lights on the dashboard notify whenever ice is full of water is needed. You can view the ice production with its transparent viewing window on the top. In 8-10 minutes it can produce 9 bullet-shaped ice cubes.

It can easily keep the ice cooler for a longer duration with its thick coating of PU foam. The company provides you a year warranty along with 30 days return policy. Thus it is one of the reliable countertop ice makers available under budget.

  • Speedy ice production
  • Easily portable
  • Lightweight with a compact design
  • Quiet cooling
  • Constructed of plastic

  • Provides production of ice in one shape only

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3. IKICH Residential Ice Maker

IKICH Residential Ice Maker

   Check Price on Amazon

This is one of the best countertop ice makers available in the market. Its unique looks attract most of its customers. The LED display on the top of the tank is an attractive feature. It offers a variety of control options like two sizes of ice, automated standby, and an indicator of low water level. The clear window allows you to look over the ice making process without even opening it. With 2 liters of the water tank, it can hold 1.5 lbs of ice cubes. This is one of the lightest portable ice makers available with 13.04 by 10.2 inches in size.

With this, you can easily produce 26 pounds of ice regularly. It can produce 9 cubes batches in less than six minutes. Although producing large-sized ice cubes make take more time. The PU foam layer between the basket and wall keeps the ice cooler for a longer duration. Its DC fan and compressor makes no noise while operating. Thus you can buy this best countertop residential ice maker for your kitchen.

  • An energy-efficient ice maker
  • Certified with FDA and ETL
  • Modern design made with stainless steel
  • Compact design and portable
  • A little bit slower in operation
  • Requires cleaning cycle occasionally

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4. Scotsman Under-Counter Icemaker

Scotsman under-counter icemaker

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This is one of the best under-counter ice makers which can be both used for residential as well as commercial purposes. With its ability to produce 65 pounds of ice daily, you can cope up with any of the grand house parties. Its dimensions are 35 inches by 15 inches, thus will need great storage space. Its WaterSense Technology is an attractive feature. Through this, it can easily detect hard water and then freeze ice only after filtering the water. Thus you always have high-quality pure ice with it. These ice cubes can be stored without any effect on the taste. It is also certified to be used outdoors without any effects on its functioning. It is an Energy-star certified under-counter ice maker.

  • Energy-saving and water-saving ice maker
  • Produces long-lasting cubes
  • The fashionable design which suits interiors
  • Efficient output system
  • Requires regular cleaning
  • Expensive than other models

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5. OPAL Countertop Residential Ice Maker

OPAL countertop residential ice maker

   Check Price on Amazon

This is one of the best countertop ice makers producing nugget-shaped ice. It is the only portable ice maker producing these types of ice cubes. This is an ideal chose for those who love to chew ice or is engaged in beverage dispensing task. This is the heaviest and largest countertop ice maker with 44 pounds in weight and 15.5 inches by 10.5 inches in size. It is similar to the size of a mini-fridge. It is slower in operation as it can produce one pound of ice in one hour. The shiny and smooth finish of stainless steel makes the ice maker look fashionable. It consists of only the starting button placed with a ring-shaped LED indicator at the front.

It provides three different indicators. White is for indicating operation, blue indicates water replenishment and yellow indicates a self-cleaning process. You can easily view the generation of ice cubes through the transparent ice bin. You can easily set the ice-making schedule and monitor it through your Smartphone as this ice maker is Bluetooth-equipped.

  • It is very user-friendly.
  • Supports large size of the ice bin
  • The self-cleaning process ensures proper sanitation
  • Saves up to 25% of water and energy
  • It is very heavy
  • Produces noise while working
  • The slow speed of operation as compared to other models

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We hope through this guide you can decide which best countertop ice makers you have to buy. The list must prove handy for you when making a purchase.

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