Top 10 Best ASMR Microphones of 2021 You Should Check

Which is the best ASMR microphone for you?

ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) videos have taken over the internet in the past couple of years.  YouTube,, or even sites like Reddit, ASMR is an uproaring trend everywhere. May it be soft whispers, or eating sounds, ambient noises, Binaural audio, or even just sounds of different things, a tremendous satisfying ASMR requires a good quality microphone.

Well, if you are looking to enter the ASMR scene, or are just looking for an upgrade over your existing mic, then you’re in the correct place. We will provide you with a short guide and our top 5 picks for the best ASMR microphones.


Firstly, you need to understand what kind of mics work the best for ASMR. You need a good quality microphone with a Cardioid polar pattern. Meaning, you need a microphone that records only the sound from the front and rejects the background (sound registered through the back and the sides).

After finding the correct mic with this polar pattern, you need to invest in a good quality pop-filter, after all, no one likes the plosives your mouth makes while you speak. Though some mics come with one, most of them are generic. You need a metallic mesh pop-filter that pairs well with your microphone for the best ASMR sound recording you would ever do!

Best ASMR Microphones of 2021

Now that you know what you are looking for, and what you should look for, let’s dive into some of our picks.


  1. Rode NT1-A:


Most of you might know the company RODE. This is the forerunner in all the professional, studio-quality microphones out there. This mic comes with a cardioid polar pattern and a vocal condenser, which means that it can register vocals over an extensive frequency range.

Rode is proud of this product having only 5dBA self-noise, making it the quietest studio microphone on the market, this microphone is a must buy if you are not on a budget.


  • Wide range of sound registration frequency
  • Easy plug and play build
  • Modern and stylish design
  • Durable make and comes with a good quality pop filter.
  • No gain proprietary gain knob on the microphone.


  1. Blue Yeti Nano:


Blue Yeti, the brand that makes futuristic droid-looking mics that look straight out of Star Wars, offers you a wide range of products. But the Nano, this is something different. A mic that provides supreme audio registration with cardioid and Omni polar pattern with support of sample rates up to 24-bit/48Khz is the perfect microphone companion. Often used by streamers, Blue Yeti Nano is incredible at filtering background noise and is one of the top mics for ASMR. It comes with a USB cable to ensure the No-Latency headphone output and is very simple to operate.

  • High sample rates and bitrates
  • Omni polar and cardioid polar patterns
  • Very durable and Superior shock protection
  • No latency output
  • Not very robust design
  • Prone to surface scratches
  • Doesn’t come with a pop filter



  1. HyperX quadcast condenser:


Often used by gamers, the futuristic and sophisticated gizmo looking HyperX quadcast is considered a gaming microphone. Contrary to popular belief, the HyperX Quadcast happens to have all the features required to be an excellent ASMR recording microphone. It has four different polar patterns, which can be easily switched even mid-recording. Due to the proprietary vibration shock mount and precise gain control, and the fantastic -36db sensitivity, this microphone is one of the best to make immersive ASMR sounds!

  • Four easy switching polar patterns
  • Supreme vibration protection
  • Mac, PC, Android, IOS and Camera compatibility
  • A proprietary gain control knob
  • Slightly Expensive option
  • Bulky and slightly large build



  1. Blue Yeti X:


Blue Yeti X is a powerful USB condenser mic. This one has an incredible capability to record high quality and immersive ASMR audio. This will be the perfect high-end option for you if you want to record excellent ASMR at home or an off-site studio.

Blue Yeti X comes with a real-time LED system that shows you the intensity and volume of your voice and creates a unique, professional, and futuristic vibe for your studio. Very easy to operate, this might just be the mic for you!

  • Multi-function Knob
  • Four polar patterns
  • Supreme Audio Quality
  • Real-time LED metering with customizable color lighting.
  • Slightly expensive
  • Prone to surface scratches



  1. Audio Technica At2020USB


Now, this is what you call a superior quality, classic studio mic. Audio Technica, the company which makes banger headphones, also makes studio mics, and this is one of their flagship recording microphones. A cardioid polar pattern ensures crisp and superb sound quality, which is record ready! If you want to record ASMR videos through a computer, this plug-N-Play USB microphone would be your perfect companion.

  • Comes with a tripod stand
  • Multi-platform support
  • Superior build quality
  • No proprietary pop shield
  • A more massive structure, not easy to store.


Ultimate verdict

Whether you decide to buy the classic looking RODE and Audio Technica or the more futuristic HyperX and Blue Yeti, you should pick one that works for you, your environment, and fits your unique style.

Picking the best asmr microphones for recording is no easy task, but when you consider what you want and what your environment is, your home, studio, or wherever you record, it becomes easier.

We suggest you pick a microphone with the right tone and appropriate self-noise and signal to noise levels.

And in case if you are considering Binaural tones/video clips, then you need to pay special attention to the available polar patterns and need to buy one with multiple options.

High-end or not, the quality of a mic is usually directly proportional to its price.

Suppose you want a good quality, durable and sturdy microphone. In that case, you should consider investing in a slightly expensive microphone, as it would provide better results and would last you a long time!


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