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Best Acoustic Guitars under 500: Imagine sitting next to a roaring campfire in the fall season, surrounded by your family and friends. The air is punctuated by the melodies of your favorite songs. The soothing hum of voices against the intricate tune released by the guitar lulls everyone’s senses. Isn’t it stunning?

Now, imagine another scenario. You are sitting in your child’s talent showcase and he/she is up on stage. The strum of the guitar strings fills the air in the hall and for a few spellbinding minutes, the audience is captivated. Soon after, your child comes running up to you and grins from ear to ear, holding the guitar you gifted on your last birthday. Wouldn’t it fill you with joy?


As you may have guessed, the highlight of this feature is the guitar. Every day, the world keeps evolving but the love for music is not lost. Rather, it has only grown. More people are now giving the same importance to arts as the field of academics. Even adults are taking up their long-forgotten desires for a shot at achieving them. Today, we will be focusing on achieving the desire of owning a guitar.


Guitars are an integral part of music and people’s lives. Although, more often than not, people are not able to incorporate them into their life. Some believe that all guitars are expensive. Some believe that they are never meant to learn them in the first place. When you finish reading this article, you will realize that these beliefs are no good. There are so many guitars available at reasonable prices that fulfilling your own or your child’s dream isn’t so impossible after all.


Here, we will be discussing the ten best guitars available under $500. Whether you want to gift a guitar to someone or wish to learn to play it for yourself, we have something for everyone. We will be assessing the pros and cons of each guitar, along with the factors one must consider when buying a guitar. Every candidate on this list has been reviewed from various aspects and we hope you find your perfect guitar right here. Let’s get started!

10 Best Acoustic Guitars under 500 Dollars

  • Alvarez AG75CE – Award-Winning Guitar Series

Just to let you know, this label has been making guitars for over 50 years now! This means that they are pros at what they do. Perhaps this is the reason why this acoustic guitar has sneaked into our list and that too at number 1. This guitar is made of Sitka spruce and cedar tops that the makers handpick from quarter swan wood. The bracing system in this guitar is also quite advanced as it has an FST2M component of the company. The solid soundboard is of good quality and helps to release the energy finely. The very fact that all these features come for an affordable price is the cherry on top of the cake!


  1. The guitar is a part of the Award Winning Series.
  2. The bracing system is advanced.
  3. Cedar top is solid and A grade.
  4. Construction is of the best quality.


  1. The strings are more substantial as compared to others.
  2. The electronics require a pedal to be enhanced.


  • The Loar Flattop Acoustic Guitar – The Acoustic Electric Duo Guitar


The company Loar stressed the legacy of beautifully crafted guitars back in the 1920s and 1930s. Today also, this company makes guitars having an outstanding design and perfect craftsmanship, and the Flat Top Acoustic Guitar is one such product of this inspiration. If you’re looking for a warm sound out of your instrument, this is the right pick for you. This guitar comes with excellent features with a classic pre-war body style. The whole construction involves mahogany, Ivoroid as well as spruce wood. The bridge, however, is made of rosewood. Perfect for a vintage vibe and a player that’s always on the go, this product is an excellent pick as it is very lightweight and thus, very easily portable.



  1. Small and lightweight
  2. Vintage-inspired
  3. Warm sound
  4. Quality construction



  1. The strap button is difficult to manage.
  2. No pickguard is provided.


  • Martin Backpacker Travel Guitar – Best Portable Guitar under $200

The company Martin, as any guitar lover would know, makes the coolest guitars in the market. These may range from anywhere that is low on the price scale, boosting up to the most expensive ones. The company gets paid accordingly, as they make excellent guitars with outstanding features that are loved by the masses. Remember, while introducing you to the subject, we made you imagine a bonfire? If you’re into things like that, this is a perfect buy for you as it is very travel-friendly. This feature is because of its oar-shaped body that makes it light and easily portable.

Talking about its construction, mahogany, rosewood, spruce, and tonewood have been used to make its parts. There are 15 frets available, and the scale length is 24 inches. All the people who love minimalism should not hesitate in buying this one. Although the sound is a little high-pitched, that doesn’t make it less preferable at all. Moreover, a one-year warranty also accompanies it!


  1. Zero fret noise.
  2. One-year warranty.
  3. Lightweight and easily portable.
  4. Great sound for a low price.
  5. Perfect for travel.
  6. Good quality woods used.


  1. Doesn’t sound a bit like other acoustic guitars.


  • Yamaha FG840 Best Guitar under 500 – Reputed Manufacturing


So, if you’re planning to learn to play the guitar, you wouldn’t have skipped the name of Yamaha while asking anyone which guitar to buy! We know we are entirely right in saying this because Yamaha is, perhaps the most popular company that makes affordable good quality musical instruments. And they’ve been doing this for the past 50 years. Therefore, knowledge of making? No questions on that!


This guitar is a part of the FG series that was launched in 1966. The very fact that all the guitars under this range are super affordable and make great sound makes it one of the best reasons why we include it in our list.


This guitar, in particular, comes with an excellent scalloped bracing pattern, which in turn enhances the durability of this beautiful creation. The natural sound that comes from this one is far better than any other in comparison. For a person with diverse tastes, this guitar comes in an array of five beautiful wood tones to choose from! An electric model is also available in this very variant.


The construction is hand sprayed on slowly cured wood that was dried before making the product. With an irresistible design and a fantastic price, this choice is a great catch.



  1. Strong and durable
  2. Popular manufacturer
  3. Custom tuning lasts for days
  4. Excellent choice for beginners
  5. Very high rating



  1. The variant models look almost the same.
  2. This model can be regarded as a little less sustainable.


  • Epiphone Hummingbird Pro Acoustic Guitar Review – Highly Reviewed Guitar on Amazon


If you judge your products based on Amazon reviews, you should undoubtedly buy this one! The guitar has been rated positively by over 100 buyers. Earlier, Hummingbird used to be a very famous guitar. This is revived by the company Epiphone along with some excellent features.


The construction consists of mahogany backs and sides along with the top made of solid spruce. It also contains parallelogram inlays, which are pearled. Another exciting feature is that this guitar can be regarded as an acoustic-electric guitar. Therefore, an amp can be used while performing. The strings are light and provide superb quality. The groove turners are easy to manage, and there haven’t been any issues reported in this regard.



  1. The sound is bold and big.
  2. Variety of electric tuning options
  3. Every genre can be played on this one.
  4. There is a low battery indicator, as well.
  5. Good quality construction



  1. Built-in tuner is lacking.
  2. The color tends to fade over time.
  3. A bit of buzz is heard while playing it.


  • Taylor GS Mini Mahogany guitars – Best Rated Acoustic Guitar under $500


With some very amazing reviews on Amazon, this one is the best-rated acoustic guitar that can be bought for a stellar deal considering the quality that you get for such a price. If you have a kid to gift this one too, to start learning early or uniquely utilize leisure time, this guitar is a go-to option.


Even though this guitar is a small sized version of a full-fledged beauty, it sounds like the latter thoroughly. This means that the miniature version has a fantastic sound quality that represents the bigger counterpart’s assets precisely. This mini version is great for people who consider balance and ease of playing while buying a guitar. It has a charming appeal with a trendy factor.


Considering the construction, mahogany constitutes the side and back. The bracing pattern is a layered Sapele, while the matte and relief body gives it a classy appearance.


If you plan to buy this one, there will be two varieties available for you viz — Es Go soundhole pickup and V Cable. The former is excellent to avoid hindrances, and the latter is fantastic for customizing the control settings.


When you sport it at your University stage, you might surprise the audience with that mini shape but a high-quality sound!



  1. Great for kids
  2. Comfortable to play and carry
  3. Very lightweight
  4. Good quality construction
  5. Sound clarity is amazing


  1. The satin finish gets ruined easily by scratches.
  2. Considerably expensive if the size is taken into account.


  • Martin LX1E Best Acoustic-Electric Guitar – FSC Certified Guitar


We’ve already spoken about Martin being one of the best and most famous guitar makers. This creation of theirs is a miniature version of a more prominent guitar. However, it can’t be considered the smallest, as there are numerous other lower options available.


If you follow music pages on social media, this guitar will be a common sighting. This is because a lot of acoustic artists tend to take portability into consideration while filming their covers. As such, a lightweight and beautiful look aids in enhancing the beauty of their videos. This is because, due to the size, this guitar can be carried to crowded places with much ease.


Now talking about the built, this acoustic guitar is made of laminate. This makes it very durable and less prone to scratches and evil man-handling. As the classic contents of Martin, Sitka spruce and Corian have been used. The back and sides are composed of pressurised laminate. The fingerboard, as well as the bridge, also contribute to the classy look of the guitar. Additionally, it also comes with a Fishman ISYS T system that comes with preamp controls.



  1. Excellent preamp for customization
  2. Excellent durability
  3. Great playing ability
  4. Classy design
  5. Bass and treble boosting options available
  6. Suitable for people on the go


  1. Not great for people looking for a full sized guitar output.
  2. Comparatively expensive


  • Seagull S6 Original Acoustic Guitar – Editor’s Choice for the Best Acoustic Guitar under $500


Are you looking for a durable built along with excellent sound quality? If yes, then your search ends here. This Seagull acoustic guitar is one of those products which are nominally priced but exhibit excellent sound quality.


While making this guitar, the quality of the wood has not been compromised. Pressure tested cedar wood along with Canadian wild cherry wood has been used. Cherry wood is a costly amenity and is not used in budget guitars, which is why we consider this one a great pick.


The finger pricking patterns sound stunning on this guitar. The sound quality almost matches the expensive guitars and beginners can avoid giving a second thought to its purchase. An electric acoustic option is also available if you wish to connect it with speakers to amplify the sound. The tuning of this guitar stays for days and is very stable.



  1. Excellent quality material used for construction
  2. Reputed manufacturer
  3. Finely detailed
  4. Clear and vibrant sound
  5. It is preferred by both amateurs and professionals.
  6. Tuners present in line with the nuts.




  1. The sound may be felt as too bright for taste.
  2. One has to pay more for the electronic variant.


  • Taylor BBT Big Baby Taylor Acoustic Guitar – Best Medium Sized Guitar for Teenagers


Again, for people who judge products by their Amazon rating, this product would provide a win-win situation! This guitar has been rated with a full 5 stars on Amazon and as such is an essential addition in our list.


This is a medium-sized guitar that is slightly bigger than the miniature versions of Taylor. Moreover, it is an excellent buy for kids and adults who have problems handling big full-sized guitars. However, interestingly, even though the size is small, the tonal output of this guitar is excellent and almost comparable to the big sized ones.


The construction is comprised of Sitka spruce and a bracing pattern which is sapele. The neck shape and the fingerboard is made of African ebony neck wood. This guitar comes with 20 frets. There is excellent ease while playing this guitar with fingers, which means that kids and amateurs whose fingers bleed will like this product.



  1. Reputed manufacturer
  2. Construction quality is excellent
  3. Comfortable fretboard due to ebony built
  4. Capable of plugging in
  5. Good durability
  6. Great for kids and teenagers



  1. The back may be a little grainy for taste.
  2. One piece neck lacking
  3. Strumming is ideally not chosen while playing this guitar.


  • Takamine G Series Acoustic Electronic Guitar – Limited Stock Gloss Finish Guitar


The GD51 guitar from this range is by far the thinnest guitar available in the market. A fresh and pleasant design makes it worth having for the newbie performer inside you, and as such, this makes it last but not the least in our list of budget guitars.


For your information, Takamine also has a 50 years legacy in guitar making, which is why it is an entirely reliable brand in the guitar industry. Moreover, if you have a particular taste regarding the color of your guitar, then this ought to be your choice because these guitars come in a diverse range of colors. The packing case is small, but it is nothing that bothers.


Speaking about the construction, the sides and back are made of solid spruce wood as well as rosewood. For smooth playing, 20 frets have been provided. The whole guitar looks super elegant and beautiful even while it’s not being played, thanks to the glossy finish. The traditional bridge system is composed of rosewood. For the ones who prefer an electronic version, yes, it’s available in this one.



  1. Sound is consistent
  2. The whole body is glossy.
  3. Great design
  4. Good quality construction
  5. Reputed manufacturer
  6. Versatile in nature



  1. The price may bother some buyers.
  2. Comfort is compromised if played for a longer time.


Quick Look


Wow! Isn’t that a lot of information for somebody who is trying to buy a guitar! We completely understand your perspective. If you’re a beginner, you probably wouldn’t know half the specifications that we’ve mentioned in this post. Or maybe, if you were bored of reading it and scrolled down, here’s a summary for quick and easy analysis of your under $500 guitar purchase.


  • Alvarez AG75CE – Award Winning Guitar Series

Buy this guitar if you’re looking for the best under $500 purchase. A notable feature is the scalloped bracing and forward shift that enhances the quality of sound.


  • The Loar Flattop Acoustic Guitar – The Acoustic Electric Duo Guitar

This purchase is great for people who have a husky voice to sing with and an excellent taste in guitars.


  • Martin Backpacker Travel Guitar – Best Portable Guitar under $200

An excellent choice for travelers and budget buys. It can be taken to crowded places quickly and has an aesthetic look.


  • Yamaha FG840 Best Guitar under $500 – Reputed Manufacturing

An excellent choice for beginners. The construction quality is excellent and the sound is perfect for people who are still learning the art of playing the guitar.


  • Epiphone Hummingbird Pro Acoustic Guitar Review – Highly Reviewed Guitar on Amazon

Perhaps, one of the coolest guitars in the market that is also cheap. It is great for people who like to customize. 


  • Taylor GS Mini Mahogany guitars – Best Rated Acoustic Guitar under $500

Great for teenagers and kids. It is the perfect gift for people who are beginning to learn or are amateurs. Even though the size is small, the sound quality is excellent.


  • Martin LX1E Best Acoustic-Electric Guitar – FSC certified guitar

Great for people who look for portability in guitars as they’re always on the move. This budget guitar is a great one for people who prefer a small built.


  • Seagull S6 Original Acoustic Guitar – Editor’s Choice for the Best Acoustic Guitar under $500

Made of premium materials, this guitar is the finest budget purchase one can ever make. Hands-on experience will show you that the quality of the sound for the money that you pay hasn’t been compromised at all.


  • BBT Big Baby Taylor Acoustic Guitar – Best Medium-Sized Guitar for Teenagers

Coming from a trustworthy brand, this guitar is great for teenagers because of its appropriate size. Also, while performing the size aids in portability too.


  • Takamine G Series Acoustic Electronic Guitar – Limited Stock Gloss Finish Guitar

For people who are ready to spend money on their purchase, the Takamine is an excellent choice because the company is trustworthy, and as such, the quality of the guitar is not compromised. The reviews on Amazon speak for themselves. It is also known to be a favorite among professional players and people all over the globe.


Buyer’s Guide to the Best Suited Guitar

So, now that you know the top ten budget guitars under $500, which one will you choose? Let us show you how to choose your ideal guitar!


  • Look for the utility: Go for a big-sized guitar only if you’re a professional and if you’re learning, a small-budget guitar would be excellent for you!
  • Look for the size: If you have a small built, then choose smaller guitars. Moreover, if you’re always traveling, small-sized guitars are a better option.
  • Look for durability: If you might have noticed, all the brands that we’ve mentioned are very famous and have been making musical instruments for a very long time. The efficacy of a company corresponds to the quality of craftsmanship, which in turn corresponds to the durability of the product.


Wrapping Up.

We hope this information is sufficient for your needs and you’re able to find your type of best guitars under $500. So, which song will you practice first, Ed Sheeran’s Perfect or Coldplay’s Paradise? Do tell us in the comments below!

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