8 Best Acoustic Guitar Under $300 | Top 8 Picks, Quick Reviews & Buying Guide

Confused about which is the best acoustic guitar under $300?

Worry not, you are at the right place for finding your acoustic guitar. it is difficult to designate any acoustic guitar as the best in this competitive world. Every brand is trying to provide the best-of-class features in guitars at affordable prices.

Also, choosing an acoustic guitar may require you to consider multiple factors. These guitars are made with a combination of a variety of woods, design elements, hardware, etc. these factors require prior consideration before making a purchase. Exploring multiple sites can be cumbersome. Thus, here in this post, we have compiled every piece of information required before buying the best acoustic guitar under 300. There is also a list of some of the best acoustic guitars under 300$ available in the market.

List of Best Acoustic Guitars Under $300

1. Breedlove Acoustic Guitar Under 300 – Best Overall

Breedlove is popular for making amazing acoustic guitars under the price range. This acoustic guitar is one of the best creations. It features high sounds and bright tones. The solid spruce top adds to the quality of the tone and makes the guitar durable.

The back and sides of the guitar are made with laminated mahogany. The rosewood fretboard of the guitar has 20 frets and allows you to play the sound you want. It is an ideal acoustic guitar under $300 for entry-level players.

Its chrome tuners help in effectively tuning the guitar according to requirements. Thus, it is the best buy acoustic guitar under $300 and hence tops our list.

  • Solid spruce top
  • 20 frets available
  • Pinless bridge
  • The clean and bright tone
  • No electronics available
  • Lacks on low-end

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2. Alvarez AF30 Best Acoustic Guitar under 300 – Runner’s Up

It is a small-sized easy to play acoustic guitar. Its solid Sitka spruce top and hand-sanded scalloped bracing allows you to melodious tones and sounds with this acoustic guitar.

It is a highly durable acoustic guitar because its sides and back are made with Mahogany wood. The whole construction of the guitar contributes to the quality of sound it produces.

For increased strength and energy, the bridge of the guitar is optimized with solid Sapele. Thus, with this acoustic guitar under $300, you can play warm, powerful and strong tones easily. The guitar also has a truss rod which implies that you can enjoy playing it for many years.

  • Balanced treble and bass registers
  • Solid-body construction
  • B-BAND EQ and pickup
  • Has a backlit chromatic digital tuner
  • The gig bag has to be bought separately

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3. Yamaha FG820 Acoustic Guitar

This is an ideal acoustic guitar under $300 for beginners and for those who wish to learn to play the guitar. Its solid build, durability and awesome tone production makes it one of the best acoustic guitars under $300.

It holds a dreadnought body shape along with a solid spruce top. For enhanced resonance and projection, the guitar is constructed with scalloped bracing. The back and sides of this best acoustic guitar are made with Mahogany.

This helps in playing stronger and warmer sounds. The rosewood fingerboard allows beginners to easily move their fingers around the neck and play mesmerizing music.

  • Offers value for money
  • Solid spruce top makes it durable
  • Available in several color options
  • Have no electronics
  • It is recommended to replace strings initially

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4. Ibanez AEG10NII Acoustic Guitar

It is among the few acoustic guitars under $300 which come in multiple color options. You can either buy the black finish guitar or can go for the bright orange counterpart.

The neck of the acoustic guitar is made with mahogany which allows you to easily move your fingers over the fretboard. The perfect combination of woods used in the making of this guitar makes it one of the best acoustic guitars under $300.

You don’t require an amplifier because its sounds are strong and clear. The built-in tuner helps to keep the strings tuned and allows the player to focus on sharpening his skills.

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  • Electronic pickup system
  • Inbuilt tuner
  • Neck and fretboard made with strong Mahogany wood
  • Ibanez AEQ-SP1 preamp system
  • he case needs to be bought separately

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5. Alvarez D60 Acoustic Guitar

This brand is popular for providing high-quality acoustic guitars under budget. This model of an acoustic guitar is one from the budget-friendly collection.

The combination of tonewoods used in the construction of this guitar helps in producing amazing sounds. The dreadnought body of the guitar allows for better durability and projection.

The solid Sitka Spruce top along with Mahogany back and sides make it a strong acoustic guitar under 300. Its fretboard is constructed with high-quality rosewood.

  • Premium die-cast tuner
  • Hand sanded and scalloped bracing
  • A grade Sitka Spruce wood used
  • Gigbag needs to be separately bought

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6. Washburn HD10 Acoustic Guitar

Washburn has always provided quality instruments since its inception. This model of the acoustic guitar is no exception. The dreadnought style of the guitar allows the production of strong and powerful music.

Its solid Sitka spruce top and mahogany back and sides speaks about the quality of its construction. Its fingerboard and bridge are built using Ovangkol tonewood. This helps in having rich and heritage-style music to be played.

  • Strong build
  • The perfect combination of tonewood
  • Offers great value for money
  • Simple look
  • Limited color options

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7. Fender Concert Acoustic Guitar

This is one of the best acoustic guitars from Fender available at such an affordable price. Its price does not compromise in features provided by Fender in their guitars.

Its cutaway allows easy access to the fretboard for playing clear and high tones. The fingerboard is made with walnut and has rolled-edges. This increases the convenience with which you can access the fretboard.

The solid spruce top makes the guitar durable and strong. It also enhances the quality of sound the guitar produces. Mahogany back and sides makes the guitar more stylish and appealing.

  • Fishman CD preamp system
  • Easy to access fretboard
  • Solid top
  • Available for left-handed people also
  • Built-in tuner
  • Available in a single color

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8. Ovation AB24 Acoustic Guitar

This is an ideal acoustic guitar for both beginners and professionals. It is one of the best acoustic guitars under 300 which is compatible with amplifiers.

The laminated spruce top and back and side make the acoustic guitar durable. For smooth and easy playing the guitar has a fretboard made with standard rosewood. It is an ideal acoustic guitar for a beginner.

  • Effective build
  • Good projection and playability
  • Amplified acoustic guitar
  • Mid-depth cutaway
  • OP-4BT tuner and preamp
  • Basic level electronics

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Best Acoustic Guitar Buying Guide

Before buying your acoustic guitar, you need to consider the following factors:

1. The Purpose of Buying the Acoustic Guitar

The foremost thing to consider is for what purpose you will be using the guitar? if you are a beginner then buying an acoustic guitar under $300 would be fine. Too expensive guitar for a beginner will not be a great choice. There are many acoustic guitars for beginners available in the market. If you are an experienced player then you must choose the guitar after considering different tonewoods and soundboards.

If you are going to play in a concert or with a band then you should choose an acoustic-electric guitar. These guitars have a built-in preamp system and their pickup is great. They can be easily attached with amplifiers for noise-free music and rich acoustic sound.

2. Construction of the Guitar

Before buying any acoustic guitar, you must know about how its neck, body are constructed. These two elements are the most important. The sound quality of the guitar will depend on these two portions.

The neck of a guitar is always constructed in a way that can provide comfort to the players’ hands. The fretboard is attached to the neck of the guitar. the neck of an acoustic guitar is generally connected to the body while the neck of the electric-acoustic guitar is mounted with a slight heel to the body. You must ensure that the neck of the guitar has a metal truss rod. This helps in preventing twisting and bowing of the neck due to environmental factors.

The body of the guitar is also called the soundboard. The shape and size of the soundboard affect the quality of sound and playability of the acoustic guitar. Before choosing a guitar, you must match the body shape with your physique and musical needs.

3. The Body style of Acoustic Guitar

The majority of acoustic guitars under 300 share the same design elements. But the differences between them determine the sound and tone they produce. Choose that acoustic guitar whose body style can play the tone which you want. Also, you need to judge whether you are comfortable playing the chosen guitar shape or not. Some popular body shapes of best acoustic guitar under $300 are auditorium, concert, grand auditorium, grand concert, dreadnought, travel guitar, mini acoustic and jumbo acoustic guitar.

4. The Fretboard of Acoustic Guitar

The fretboard is also called the fingerboard. It is the upper portion of the neck of the guitar. it is made with a separate portion and then is attached to the fretboard.  It is generally made with ebony or rosewood. An acoustic guitar with rosewood fretboard is generally preferable because it allows you to effortlessly and seamlessly play music.

Upon the fretboards, different frets are mounted. These frets are made with strips of metal and define where different notes are to be played. Many of the fretboards have symbols on odd-numbered frets and inlaid dots.

5. Top of the Acoustic Guitar

The top of the guitar affects the quality of the tone of the acoustic guitar. The sound of the guitar is amplified through the top. There are many kinds of tonewoods used for constructing the top of the guitars. The tonewood used will have a major impact on the tonal characteristics of the acoustic guitar. Also, these tops are generally made with laminate or solid wood. Solid wood top guitars are more efficient in vibrating sound than the laminating ones. Although laminate ones are preferable in acoustic guitars for beginners.

6. Strings of the Guitar

The strings of the guitar can be either made with string or with nylon. Both the strings provide different guitar playing experiences. Nylon strings are known to produce sweet and mellow tunes whereas steel strings are used for playing brighter and louder tones. You should prefer nylon strings if you like playing flamenco-style music. Steel-string is better for playing in concerts or for rock music.

7. The Tonewood of the Acoustic Guitar

Many tonewoods are used in the construction of acoustic guitars. They have the quality of sound the guitar produces. Thus, you can choose the tonewood according to the sound you expect from the guitar. some of the common tonewoods used in the construction of acoustic guitars are cedar, ebony, rosewood, cocobolo, koa, Grenadillo, mahogany, maple, Sapele, walnut, spruce, etc.

The Final Takeaway


Choosing the best acoustic guitar under 300 is a difficult task. Many guitars fall under this range provided by many brands. It is quite tough to determine which is of high quality and which is not. Thus, for your help, we provided a complete guide to know about what makes a guitar of high quality and what other factors you need to know before buying any acoustic guitar. You can easily use the list provided above for buying the best acoustic guitar under $300.

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