🥇10 Best Acoustic Guitar with Low Action for Beginners 2022 – Product Reviews & Ultimate Buying Guide

Want to start learning guitars? An acoustic guitar with low action is just made for beginners. The acoustic guitar with low action for beginners is very comfortable to play with. Such guitars are easier to play for long hours and help in producing better intonation. With these guitars, you can master the fingerstyle of playing the music.

The word action defines the length between the fretboard of the guitar and its strings. Low action implies that the strings are closer to the fretboard. This increases the ease with which you can play the guitars. This makes acoustic guitar with low action perfect for beginners. A beginner may face difficulty in playing acoustic guitars with a high tone.

To make your learning process effective you must choose the right acoustic guitar with low action. You have to consider many factors before choosing the acoustic guitar. Many companies are providing a wide variety of acoustic guitars with low action for beginners. Hence, in this post, I have provided a small guide for choosing the best acoustic guitar with low action. There is also a list of some of the best acoustic guitars for beginners available in the market.

An Acoustic Guitar with Low Action Buying Guide

There are several factors that you can consider while buying the acoustic guitar for beginners. It can be quality, its tone, your budget and many more. One also needs to know about the skills and the ability of the player. While choosing an acoustic guitar with low action you can also consider the following factors:

  • Ensure that it is a low action guitar by carefully observing and measuring the distance between the strings and the fretboard.
  • Ensure that the distance between the string and the fretboard is constant all the way to the neck. If it is not then there is a problem with the acoustic guitar.
  • For checking the intonation of the strings always use a tuner along with your ear. Checking the intonation is essential for having the perfect acoustic guitar with low action.
  • Before making the purchase make sure that the shopkeeper can make all the adjustments related to the tone you want in the guitar. if not then you must select another shop.
  • Make sure that the guitar you have selected suits your stylistic considerations.

Best Acoustic Guitar with Low Action for Beginners

From so many brands providing acoustic guitars with low action here is a list of some handpicked acoustic guitars for beginners:

1. Taylor Acoustic Guitar with Low Action – Best Overall

The cutaway of the acoustic guitars provides the best low action. Its body is strongly constructed using a variety of durable woods. Its strong Sitka Spruce top and back and sides made with Spruce makes the guitar stronger.

The layered walnut bracing pattern adds to the attractive looks of the acoustic guitar with low action. Its African ebony fingerboard with 20 frets helps you play soothing music with low action. This acoustic guitar holds the capability to enhance the learning experience of a beginner.

  • Strong Spruce wood top
  • Exceptionally low actions
  • Ideal for beginners
  • The tone is just bright
  • The action needs to be adjusted before use

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2. Ibanez GRG Acoustic Guitar – Runner’s Up

This is one of the best affordable acoustic guitars with low actions. It is a perfect combination of fury, speed, and expression. The Quilted Maple Art Grain top makes it a strong and attractive acoustic guitar. It’s New Zealand pine fretboard along with 24 frets helps you produce exotic and mesmerizing tones. The Ibanez fixed 7 bridge allows you to take your playing experience to the next level. It can be your dream guitar because it comes perfectly assembled and lightweight. Its lowest actions are best for beginners.

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  • Perfect low actions
  • Lightweight
  • Strongly built
  • Available in two different color options
  • 7-string acoustic guitar
  • You cannot install whammy bar into the bridge
  • No case included

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3. Fender CD-60 Acoustic Guitar – Best Acoustic Guitar with Low Action for Money

This is one of the best acoustic guitars available at such an affordable price. Its cutaway and use of mahogany wood in construction give the acoustic guitar an attractive look. The solid Spruce top and mahogany back and sides make the acoustic guitar durable and strong.

The dreadnought body style helps in holding the guitar comfortably. With its rolled fingerboard edges, you can play the strings very easily. It is the best acoustic guitar for beginners.

The scalloped ‘X-bracing’ helps you to achieve better projection while playing. The pearl acrylic style around the soundhole adds a star to the look of the acoustic guitar.

  • light-gauge steel strings
  • Solid spruce top makes it durable
  • Pack contains a chromatic tuner, polishing cloth, instruction DVD, guitar picks and an extra set of strings.
  • Lightweight
  • Dreadnought style provides well-balanced tones
  • It is only acoustic, not acoustic-electric

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4. Washburn WD20 Easiest Action Acoustic Guitar

With a warm tone and clear sound, this is one of the ideal acoustic guitars with low actions. The back and sides are made with Pau Ferro which is an excellent alternative to rosewood.

The solid spruce top and wood rosette make it a strong and durable acoustic guitar. it’s rich sound and low action helps in producing melodious tones. Thus, this acoustic guitar offers great value for this price.

  • Warm and clear sound
  • Strong build
  • Scalloped Sitka Spruce Bracing
  • A dreadnought acoustic guitar
  • Offers primary control over tone and volume

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5. Martin D Jr-10 Acoustic Guitar

This is one of the best acoustic guitars with low action for beginners. Its junior-size dreadnought cutaway allows the beginners to handle it easily and comfortably. Its smaller size does not compromise with the sound quality.

You can experience rich lows with its low actions. It’s solid Sitka Spruce top and Sapele back and sides make it a strong and durable acoustic guitar. For easy playing, it consists of a slim and hand-rubbed neck. Hence, you can easily move your hands around the neck while playing. Its rich lite fingerboard allows you to play low action music easily.

  • An ideal travel guitar
  • Beautiful satin finish
  • Effortless rich lite fingerboard
  • An ideal travel guitar
  • Pack do not contain any additional tools

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6. Seagull Acoustic Guitar

This is one of the best beginner’s guitars with steel strings. Its solid cedar top and wild cherry back allow you to produce dynamic sounds while playing. The tapered headstock of this acoustic guitar helps in achieving greater stability in tuning.

The combination of the silver leaf maple neck and rosewood fretboard works well for fingerstyle guitar playing. For better and effective intonation, the guitar is made with tusq nut and compensated saddle. The semi-gloss lacquer finish makes the guitar look attractive.

  • Strongly built
  • Available in multiple colors
  • The cedar top offers a rich and warm tone
  • Rosewood bridge for better durability
  • Costly from beginners’ point of view

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7. Fender CD-60S Right-Handed Guitar

This is one of the best beginner acoustic guitars with a classic design. Its classic styling makes it an ideal electro-acoustic guitar for beginners. The solid spruce top of the guitar allows for achieving great harmonic vibrations while playing it.

For allowing the beginners to learn for a longer duration the guitar has a comfortable rosewood fingerboard. For producing perfect tones, the guitar comes with onboard tuner and equalization controls. It is a versatile acoustic guitar for beginners with clear trebles. The gloss finish adds to the looks of this acoustic guitar for beginners.

  • Includes piezo pickup
  • Supports Fishman Preamp feature
  • Onboard tuner available.
  • Well-defined bass
  • Some users faced problem in its frets

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8. Fender Tim Armstrong Acoustic Guitar

Fender provides the most affordable and effective acoustic guitars for beginners and perfectionists. This acoustic guitar is one of the collections which is made for beginners. The solid mahogany top makes it a durable guitar which implies you can enjoy playing it for many coming years. The back and sides are made with laminated mahogany wood.

This enhances the looks of this best acoustic guitar for beginners. The satin finish fingerboard is made with rosewood and contains 20 frets. This allows beginners to seamlessly play soulful music.

  • Has Fishman Preamp System
  • Onboard tuner
  • Provides treble and bass controls
  • Has Scalloped X bracing
  • Do not have a soft case

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9. Yamaha APX600 Acoustic Guitar

Yamaha has always provided the best collection of acoustic guitars for beginners. With this acoustic guitar, you can plug into an amplifier and produce high tones. Its slim body and design allow the player to handle it easily.

For increasing the comfort level, the strings of the guitar are placed narrowly. For shaping your sound effects, the guitar has a stage-focused pickup system. Its natural body makes the bass response better than its predecessor models. For producing a dynamic and responsive tone the guitar has a non-scalloped bracing pattern.

  • Piezo Pickup system
  • Easily accessible top-frets
  • Non-scalloped X-type bracing
  • Available in multiple colors and textures
  • The case needs to bought separately

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10. Bristol Acoustic Guitar

For a full range and bright sound, this acoustic guitar is built with scalloped braces and Spruce top. The mahogany back and sides add to the robustness of the guitar. The perfect combination of woods used in its making helps in producing responsive tones in great volume.

For long-lasting stability, the guitar has a slim mahogany neck. The chrome-plated die-cast machine heads keep the guitar tuned. The vintage design makes the guitar lightweight with strong power and resonance.

  • Lightweight yet strong
  • Have steel strings
  • Laminated spruce top increases durability
  • Dreadnought shaped acoustic guitar
  • Users found the fret ends to be sharp

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The Bottom Line

Buying the best acoustic guitar with low action can be life-changing for a beginner. It not only provides great experience but also builds up the confidence of the learner. So, buying the right acoustic guitar with low action is a must. Before buying any of them you must give enough time to know about its features and specifications. Thus, you can take the help of our guide and list to find the best acoustic guitar with low action for beginners.

When you have your guitar, you can start the fun learning process. Make sure to check out the list provided by us for buying your acoustic guitar. if you missed anything just scroll up and find it. Happy Shopping.

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