10 Best Cat Litters for Odour Control | 2021 Guide


Who let the Cats out? Nobody? Well, that is a relief because many owners do feel it a looming peril for their feline pet to roam outside, even to excrete the metabolic waste. Moreover, if it is not out, it should not  be an imposing botheration for the brood who took the soft furry snout in. It’s only fair. Used for many pets like rabbits, ferrets, miniature pigs, and dogs, other than cats, cat litter is an indoor feces and urine collection box to cater to their needs.

Earlier it was made out of anything that was found and was available in abundance. But now one can save time and search because best Cat Litters are manufactured nowadays and are available pretty easily.



Types of cat litters

There are three types of cat litter: crystal, clumping, and non-clumping.

  1. Crystal-These cat litters are excellent absorbents, and after absorbing the urine and feces, they change into crystals. They control the odor level of the surrounding. These litters need to be changed every once a week.
  2. Clumping cat litter– It is one of the most popular choices by people. It clumps up after the defecation and can be removed very easily. It is easy to clean and doesn’t spread odor much.
  3. Nonclumping cat litter– A lesser expensive and also a popular choice by people. The mechanism of this litter is that it lets the urine sink down to the bottom. It is not as easy to clean as clumping ones.
  4. Silica Gel- Silica gel controls odor very well and is an excellent absorbent. It is almost dust-free as well.

Odor control

The litter has to have odor control because cat urine is pungent and makes it very difficult to stay around in the house. Litters are available in the scented and unscented form, but it has to have odor control.


Do check that the litter is dust-free; otherwise, it would stick on the paws and make the whole house messy.


A lifesaver for all the pet lovers out there is a list of the  Best Cat Litters for Effective odour control


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#1 – Fresh Step Clean Paws Unscented Low Tracking Clumping Cat Litter


This Fresh Step Clean Paws Unscented Low Tracking Clumping Cat Litter is pet and paw-friendly. Because of this product being dustfree, it keeps the paws clean, thus the home clean. This cat litter is also ideal for a home with multiple cats. Clean Paws Advanced Multi-Cat Litter clumps up tight and is easy to clean afterward, making it a hassle-free product.

  • Long-lasting odor-fighting technology
  • Designed to stay off of the cat’s paws to help keep floors clean.
  • This cat litter is 99% dust-free
  • The odor can be controlled for up to 10 days, making it non-stinky.
  • Clumping cat litter: clumps tight for easy scooping
  • Age range description: All life stages


  • dust-free
  • Amazing clumping property
  • Keeps the odor at bay for a duration of 10days.
  • keeps the paws clean
  • If the clumps get harder, it needs to chiseled out
  • Doesn’t last long enough


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#2 – Fresh Step extreme scented litter


With the scent of Gain, this Fresh Step Extreme Cat Litter has the power of Febreze with Ammonia Block Technology and activated charcoal to block urine odors and keep the home smelling fresh. Fresh Step guarantees odor control and has a 99.9% dust-free clumping formula.

  • Two 18.5lb packs, TOTAL 37lb
  • Lightly scented with the fresh fragrance of Gain
  • Fresh Step Cat Litter uses the power of Febreze with Ammonia Block Technology and activated charcoal to block urine odors.
  • Guarantees 10 days of odor control in the litter box


  • 10-days Odor control
  • Dust-free
  • Activated charcoal technology to block the scent
  • Clumps well
  • Good absorbent of liquid
  • Heavy
  • Sticks to the pan


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#3 – ARM & HAMMER Clump & Seal Platinum Cat Litter


This absolute revolutionary cat litter by Arms & Hammer has the formula to seal and destroy the odor in the litter box itself.

  • 10% more odor eliminators than our clump & fresh seal scent
  • 100% dust-free Platinum formula
  • 7 day odor-free home.
  • The formula is made to seal the odor and destroy it.
  • Rock hard clumps
  • Ingredients: Moisture-activated Micro-Granules, Powerful Odor Eliminators & Baking Soda


  • Litter seals and destroys odor
  • dust-free
  • Can be scooped easily
  • Doesn’t get messy while cleaning
  • Can’t be disposed of by flushing down
  • It starts to look darker, which is not entirely pleasing to see, and the cat may not feel like going there.


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#4 – Garfield Cat Litter Ultimate Clump

The ultimate satisfaction of clean paws and clean home, backed by Veterans as well, Garfield Cat Ultimate Clump cat litter, has the benefit of chemical-free health tracking. Its sustainable raw materials are no danger to the environment. Hence it’s eco-friendly.


  • Safe for cats with allergies.
  • Tiny grains
  • The white color makes it easy to identify the urine’s change of color.
  • The removal properties of cassava and corn immediately seize the smell of the cat’s metabolic waste.
  • The odor elimination is long-lasting.
  • Made of cassava and corn, the white grains are all-natural and biodegradable, completely FREE of chemicals.
  • Three times more effective than clay.
  • Ideal for multi-cat homes.


  • Easy to clean litter
  • Leaves no stain behind
  • biodegradable
  • Caters to the allergies of the cats
  • easy scooping
  • Can’t be flushed down
  • Not dust-free


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#5 – Cat’s Pride Unscented Complete care Hypoallergenic Multi-Cat Litter

Cat’s Pride Unscented Complete Care is an exclusive Hypoallergenic Cat Litter. The odor control technology keeps the odor at bay, making the home fresh and happy for the cats and the parents as well.

  • It is compatible with all life stages.
  • Provides 10-Days odor control
  • Light-weight package
  • 99% dust-free formula.


  • Easy to scoop and dispose
  • Dust-free
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Clumps well
  • Does not work well in hot and humid weather
  • Does not mask odor completely



FAQs on Best Cat Litter 2021

#1 – Are all litters flushable?

Some can be flushed, and some can’t. Check the box before doing so.

#2 – Are all cat litters hypoallergenic?

Nope. It depends from litter to litter.

#3 – Does scented litter directly imply odor control litter?


#4 – Are clumping litters better than non-clumping ones?

Yes, in most cases.

#5 – How often to change the litter?

Once or twice a week. Go through the guideline of the product that will help you.


Final Thoughts

A suitable cat litter makes a happy cat and a comfortable home. And these are the best cat litters, catering to the modern problems with the modern solutions at hand, keeping the odor at bay. A better solution, for the better days ahead, this article shortlists some of the best Cat Litters in the market and is a wise option of choices to choose from.



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